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A performance full of humor, inspiration and original magic.


These are Ondřej's exclusive secrets, and therefore it is not possible to see them anywhere other than in this show.

Despite the fact that Ondřej Pšenička comes from the Czech Republic, he built his career overseas and at the age of 30 he became a world-famous magician. In the most famous American magic show Penn & Teller: Fool Us, in which the most respected masters of magic try to see through the secrets of magicians' tricks, he won, and with his original effects "fooled" the greatest aces of the world of magic.

He regularly enchants his audiences in Hollywood and Las Vegas, and with his show 52 Lovers has toured many other countries around Europe. If Ondřej wasn't originally from the Czech Republic, you would probably have to go to London or Los Angeles. Luckily he lives in Czech Republic and so he hopes to welcome you at the 52 Lovers show in his hometown, the magical Prague.

December 11 7:00 PM - Kolowrat Theater

December 17 19:00 - Kolowrat Theater

December 18 7:00 PM - Kolowrat Theater

December 19 7:00 PM - The Kolowrat Theater

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