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Magnolia is Ondrej Psenicka's unique virtual magic show that has been designed for the Zoom platform.


It will surpass your expectations and defy any explanation. It is an interactive online magic show filled with wonder and positivity which will never cease to surprise you.


“A truly unique and mesmerizing experience that takes virtual entertainment to a whole other level.  I've seen a lot of virtual magic shows but nothing compares to Magnolia.  This was my second viewing and my head is still spinning. Ondrej has created one of the most innovative, brilliantly executed and engaging online experiences you'll ever attend from the comfort of your couch! Simply stunning.”

 - Shane Black, Dublin, Ireland

"If you think you know how a Zoom show can look and feel, think again."

 - Vlad Grigorescu, Romania

"The best virtual magic show I have seen! It is in the scale that I would be happy to go see it again and again.”

 - Tilkka, Finland

“I loved Magnolia! Ondrej Psenicka perfectly blends magic and technology to create a one-of-a-kind event. This is not a pre-recorded hour of tricks. No, this is a live, interactive show that will have you smiling the whole time. Thanks again, Ondrej!”

 - Chris W., Mississippi - ’The Magnolia State’, USA

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